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Antique French Hunt Cabinet Bookcase Black Forest Hutch Carved Dark Oak

The French Countryside is full of small Antique shops and unique Antique Fairs.  We always look for those special pieces that stand out in the crowd. This lovely carved cabinet was an easy one to choose to ship home to our customers.  Fabulous carving throughout that can be used many ways in a home that wants a French accent.  

This is certainly a "Hunt Cabinet" piece. Take a close look at all of the refined features. 
The carvings are just fabulous. 

Truly a piece to use and enjoy now and then pass on through generations. 

Dimensions: 104.5" Tall, 55" Wide and 23" Deep 

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Antique French Hunt Cabinet Bookcase 5561

Antique French Hunt Cabinet 5562Antique French Hunt Cabinet 5563

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