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Antique French Country Tall, Narrow Armoire Carved of Dark Oak with Basket Detail and Many Shelves

What a great size Armoire that will fit in to so many places in your home! It is one of those special pieces that feel as if they have a history...pieces that make you imagine their past. Here are some of the great characteristics that we look for including:

  • Lovely Carving on the Crown and the Apron featuring Shells and a Basket
  • Recessed Panels that add charm and dimension
  • Great Dark Color...the most sought after color of the decorators
  • Patina that only age can give on the wide old boards
  • Long old piano hinges and original hardware plus a key
  • Shelves for all kinds of storage
  • Hanging rod when needed

Dimensions: 80 1/4" Tall x 34 1/2" Wide x 17 3/4" Deep

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