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French Antique Narrow, Single Door Armoire with Lock & Key Circa 1800's

You will love this fabulous very old Armoire from the South of France. A very special antique with a great deal of character and charm.

  • Single door with recessed panels
  • Shelves inside with a hanging bar
  • Patina and old wood.
  • Constructed by craftsmen in the 1800's with pegs
  • Everything hand-cut
  • Rustic and authentic...even a piece of the wood scorched from (probably) a candle fire.
  • All smooth with years of patina over the top.
  • Sturdy and full of history and charm
  • Great for bedrooms, entry, kitchen storage and the list goes on!

Dimensions: 80" Tall x 35 1/2" Wide x 24 1/2" Deep

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French Antique



French Single Door


French Narrow


Antique Lock and Key


French Lock and Key


French Armoire


French 1800's


Antique Narrow


Antique Single Door


Antique Armoire


Antique Circa 1800

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